Cutting Edge Training

America’s Combatives and Liability Trainer Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

("I will either find a way or make one.")

The Cutting Edge of Training

We "functionalize combatives training."© 

We teach combatives, creating an integrated functionality you have never considered before in training.  Our training addresses the entire spectrum of the “process of violence,”©; the tactics, skills, and decision-making preceding, during, and after the event.  We teach problem-solving through integrated combatives—Defensive Tactics, Firearms, the knife, impact weapons, less-lethal—just like we actually fight using the weapons, tactics, and skills within context and as-needed.  This “Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving”© addresses the holes that happen in a fight.  Integrated training creates a likelihood of greater flow from one solution to another rather than getting stuck in a decision-making loop because a “technique” you practiced long ago for 12 minutes failed and you’re left trying to catch up in the fight.  Science research is now proving that “prescriptive training” (traditional rote memorization of technique) is counter to how humans actually function in a combatives environment—we knew that already, and have for decades.  We train you and your personnel to problem-solve combatives events in the same way science is proving that our brains function, lessening the inevitable stalls in a fight.  Then we teach you how to articulate your decision-making to prove your proper conduct.

Every Cutting Edge Training course integrates the law/policy/ROE, Universal Tactical Principles©, Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving©, and Applied OODA Theory© to create a contextually correct, applicable, achievable, and ultimately more effect combatives training method.  For the police.  For the military.  For responsible civilians.

Our proven record?  We train you in concepts and methods that others will be trying to figure out how to do in ten years.  Or twenty.  That's the way its been for more than 30 years.  That's the way it is today.  We bring you tomorrow's training today.  That's not a slogan, just reality.  (We are repeatedly asked why everyone isn't teaching combatives to armed professionals this way. We have to admit: we have no clue.)

Practical.  Tactical.  Defensible.  And Functional.

Cutting Edge Training is a "Mobile Training Team"

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING provides local training encompassing weapon and combatives employment, tactics, and (police) liability prevention to police, military, and serious civilian practitioners nationally and internationally.

Force/Tactics Instructor Team Mentoring

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING's expert instructional staff serves as on-going mentors and consultants to various agency and unit training teams all over the nation.  Learn how we bring cutting edge training skills to your instructors, helping them grow beyond your expectations!

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Designed from the street and field "in,"
the mat-room or firing range "out."

We positively impact your ability to prevail through mission capable, contextually relevant training.  We take the unique approach of researching your actual job needs before developing practical and achievable real-world solutions, rather than the common approach of developing a solution and then finding a need so the "solution" will sell.  Each course is relentlessly honed to ensure applicability -- whether it is Effective Combatives Problem-Solving (handgun, rifle, shotgun, police Defensive Tactics, CQB, CQD, impact weapons, less-lethal, force-on-force, deadly force), civil liability prevention, or officer safety and tactics.  This is the highest evolution of training possible...because it is training for those on the cutting edge...CUTTING EDGE TRAINING. 

"Cutting Edge."  There's a reason.

"If everybody is thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking."   --George S. Patton

Our programs are consistently unique.  Our track record of repeatedly developing revolutionary training that, years later, becomes the industry-wide standard--today's common sense--is why we are the "cutting edge of training."   We functionalize what before has always been complicated, and present it in a "practical, tactical, and defensible" format that is instantly applicable to your real-world.  We teach effective "primal functioning" in threat environments where there is a danger of "going primitive!"

  Why wait ten years when you can be trained in tomorrow's concepts, tactics, and skills TODAY!

The cutting edge of tactical, combatives, and liability prevention training! 
We prove it to you in every class we teach.


"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam" courtesy of Robert Ellsworth


We understand your "Bigger Picture."  Service.  Service to country; to community; to your family and children.  Each day you commit and say, "No.  To harm them, you must go through me.  NO MATTER THE COST."  That is your pledge.  Your honor.  Your integrity.

Our sacred commitment is to YOU.  You deserve our highest respect and efforts.  Because you demand only excellence of yourself, we demand no less from ourselves.

We do not believe in, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."  We are the innovators of instantly functional tactical and practical programs.  We will continue to build on our record of life-saving performance for your Bigger Picture.  Because your life matters to us.

That is OUR pledge. 
OUR honor. 
OUR integrity.