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Preparing for Your Civil Deposition:  A guide for the
law enforcement professional

By George T. Williams

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Whether you are a defendant officer in the midst of a civil lawsuit, or simply proactive, this information is vital to your career survival. Comprehensive step-by-step advice helps you prepare for and testify in civil and criminal depositions. Mr. Williams is a highly sought after police procedures expert witness who has seen the best and the worst of deposition testimony over two and half decades.

Force Reporting for Every Cop

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By George T. Williams

Every police officer faces the likely possibility of confronting a violent, resisting suspect that will require the officer to use force. The failure to accurately and comprehensively document such an incident could end an officer’s career. Force Reporting for Every Cop provides police officers with the tools they need to prepare comprehensive use-of-force reports that will stand up in court and internal investigations. This testbook includes detailed background information that will increase the level and quality of an officer’s reporting, as well as a thorough explanation of the documentation required to prove proper field conduct (Soft cover only).

Incredible Discounts on the Highest Quality Products You Use Every Day!

Cutting Edge Training staff and cadre use their products with pride - now you can, too!

Many of our corporate partners and associates have provided the highest discounts they permit for their products through CUTTING EDGE TRAINING--use the listed discount codes to receive the best prices possible.  Each of the US manufacturers below are companies that demonstrate extreme dedication to providing you, the armed professional and prepared citizen, with the finest equipment there is.  CUTTING EDGE TRAINING is proud of our association with these fine manufacturers. The staff of Cutting Edge Training use and endorse their products.

Benchmade Knives


World-class knives for extreme duty use by armed professionals. Made in the USA, these are the knives you want protecting your back.

Contact CUTTING EDGE TRAINING to request a 40% discount form for qualified law enforcement, military, fire, and EMS personnel.

ESS Eyewear

ESS Eyewear

High adrenaline eye-wear. The best eye-protection and goggles available at the best price.  Made in the USA.

Contact CUTTING EDGE TRAINING for a 40% discount for qualified law enforcement, military, fire, and EMS personnel.


Armorer Link logo
ArmorerLink (

ArmorerLink™ is an affordable and simple to use cloud-based solution for managing the tracking and maintenance of firearms, all agency/corporate training, and all of your equipment and consumables. Lean processes, intuitive operation, and the utlimate in efficiency, this simple-to-learn, simple-to-use softward and scanning solution gives you freedom from spreadsheets and paper. 


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Next Level Training:  SIRT Training Pistol and SIRT AR-Bolt

The amazing new firearms training tools, the "SIRT Training Pistol"and the "SIRT AR-Bolt" permits UNLIMITED realistic trigger-presses while getting accuracy indications by a projected laser dot each time the shot breaks.  Inert and eye-safe, this "Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger" system permits the shooter to train anywhere while increasing shooting skills and proficiency with both of your weapon systems. Great for Force-on-Force and Scenario-Based Training where projectiles are not permitted.  There is no training system available at less cost that will pay bigger dividends in your ability to hit what you're aiming at.  Made in the USA.

Contact Next Level Training and use the "Coupon Code" for the following discounts (the largest discounts they permit anywhere):

CETLEM.  Current or honorably retired law enforcement or military personnel:  20% off MSRP
CET.  National Rifle Association members:  10% off MSRP



The finest Merino wool socks for duty use. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, These are seriously comfortable socks that wear like iron. There are no better socks for protecting your feet.  Made in the USA.

Use "Dept. Rep Code": SPRGWILLIAMS for a 40% discount for qualified law enforcement, military, fire, and EMS personnel.


We Support the Following "Made in the USA" Companies

Cutting Edge Training staff and cadre use their products with pride!

Crimson Trace Laser Grips

Crimson Trace Laser Grips

The world-leader in providing grip-based laser aiming devices to help you hit with greater speed and accuracy. This is an indispensible tool for the armed professional as well as the prepared free citizen. Laser-equipped handguns and rifles result in the need for fewer shootings, and when forced to shoot, fewer rounds needed to end the deadly threat.  Made in the USA.

Camelbak logo


The finest in hydration systems and extreme durability packs for professionals and their needs.  Made in the USA.



Providing the armed professional with the finest magazines and weapon components made. CUTTING EDGE TRAINING uses only Magpul "PMAG" magazines in its Rifles Combatives classes--because they are, simply, the best we've ever found.  Made in the USA.

FrogLube logo


The best weapon cleaner, lubricant, and protectant for your weapons. Non-toxic, safe to use, and petroleum free! This is the only weapon CLP the staff of Cutting Edge Training will ever use! Made in the USA.