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Our Seminar Catalogs & Schedules

Below is a list of all seminars offered by Cutting Edge Training. We offer classes specific to the needs of our students. Click on the appropriate category below.

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Police Seminars

Police Seminars

Restricted to Sworn/Commissioned Police (Military Welcome).

Doing the same ol' training is just something we have never contemplated.  Our "Think Tank" approach to positively impacting your survival--physical, administrative, and civil--results in truly revolutionary training.  If you want real-world results to your world of real consequences, we have a training course that will fit your needs.  Tomorrow's law enforcement training today.

Military Seminars

Takedown and knife use in RWKC-I course

Restricted Solely to Current Members of the Military (Active or Reserve).

This training fills in the gaps in your military preparedness.  We provide the skills you need for your last layers of offense...and we then hone them, sharp, crisp, and ready.  Before you deploy, this "good-to-go" training will help bring you home.

Civilian Seminars

Tom Benge teaching a civilian Tac-Handgun Combatives

Designed for Any Person Who May Legally Possess a Firearm.

Your family trusts you with their safety.  They know you are the only thing keeping the wolves at bay until the police can get there.  You want the finest instruction in survival possible--physical, tactical, and legal--that's why you're at this website.  We will train you to meet and defeat your worst nightmare.