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ECQ Combatives Countermeasures Instructor: TRAIN-THE-TRAINER

ECQ Combatives Countermeasures  Instructor:  TRAIN-THE-TRAINER

Focus:  Any member of the US military (active or reserve).  No civilians or police officers are permitted.  If you don't qualify, please don't inquire.

Length:  80-hours, 10 days. 

NOTE:  This course is available as a 24-hour "user's" course.

“With a technique, it’s like I have a bunch of strings that I have tie together to get anything to work, but a fight happens too fast to do that. With this principle-based fighting, it’s like I have a ball of string and let it fall, and then I just follow the string wherever it takes me, and it flows.”
                                                                       --CPL Nicholas Wankasky, USMC

This course gives your unit trainer the skills and ability to teach your troops to problem-solve their answer to the question: "How do I deal with an enemy if he gets inside the muzzle of my primary?"  This is real-world, "good to go" TRAIN-THE-TRAINER training for your last layer of offense.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING provides the only basic-to-advanced reality-based combatives countermeasures readiness training for any operator, infantryman, or military personnel in an ECQ environment who may come into contact with the enemy. We specialize in training achievable and essential high risk skills to become mission-ready in close-quarters combat in the shortest period possible.  The reality is, this is a combatives course providing a comprehensive fighting system giving your troops the highest survivability and best chance of mission completion of any training ever offered.  While compatible with the US Army Combatives Program as well as the US Marine Corps MCMAP courses, there is a uniqueness to this program that makes it stand out as one that every warfighter should have.

Your troops need this training to round out the finest military force ever seen on this planet.  Instructor-Candidates will learn to train in a problem-solving format employing functional "Applied OODA Combatives Theory."© They will learn to provide your unit's personnel with real-world drills that each build upon the last, and to transfer winning strategies and real-world combatives skills that will effectively train your troops to efficiently problem-solve in the CQB environment.

  • Retention of primary and secondary weapons.  Forget "Figure-8s" and "push-pull" techniques that work well with a cooperative partner in training and utterly fail in combat.  This course focuses on teaching your unit trainers to train your troops in non-technical combatives that emphasize the "human weapon system"* and effective methods of retention that have actually been proven in combat and the streets.
  • Knife employment to retain weapon.  Rather than the usual martial-arts-highly-technical-never-works-anyway-so-you-slash-and-gash knife training, we've spent 3 decades interviewing soldiers and Marines who actually used a knife in combat.  These interviews also encompassed Department of Corrections personnel and police officers who have been stabbed in the line of duty.  There is a remarkable commonality in how humans actually employ a knife to save their lives.  We have adapted a more efficient and effective method of employing the knife to save your life.
  • Combatives GroundWork.  Your jujitsu training, wrestling, and mat groundfighting techniques won't work with 50-70 pounds of equipment and a helmet on while fighting for your life--besides, that's sport and not "combat."  Our Combatives GroundWork is designed from the ground up to be successfully employed by an operator in kit and with a full combat load against a motivated enemy combatant.
  • Military Knife Defense.  Absolutely no fantasy martial arts are taught to fail you against this threat.  Instead, this contextually-correct method of defending against a vicious attack with a knife while in full kit is explored. 

This course provides all of the combatives countermeasures physical skills training--retaining their primary and secondary weapons, employing their firearms, knife, personal weapons, and Combatives GroundWork to stay alive and complete their mission when they are in touching distance of the enemy and he prevents them from simply "shooting him."   The combatives in this course are not the same-ol' same-ol' mindless repetition of failed, specific techniques that never work...instead, the doctrine enhances the human being's natural behavior when engaging an enemy at touching distances.   There is no finer military CQD readiness course anywhere.

Our "TRAIN-THE-TRAINER" course provides vital instructor development training necessary to effectively impart the essential skills to your warfighters.  This course is superior for its ability to create capable, competent instruction in all critical tasks and skill domains involved in problem-solving combatives countermeasures.  It is fully deployable, with each instructor successfully completing the course receiving a CD-ROM with PowerPoint presentation slaved to workbooks and manuals.  There is no finer train-the-trainer course, and no better knife employment/combatives method for the real world to be found anywhere.

This 80-hour Train-the-Trainer course includes 56-hours of instruction in "how to train":

  • Comprehensive "Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving"© and "Applied Combatives OODA Theory"©
  • The Human Weapon System* and Its Vulnerabilities
  • Weapon Retention
  • Knife Skills
  • Takedowns and Strikes
  • Negatively Multi-tasking the Enemy During Combatives
  • Problem-Solving with Real-World Knife Combatives
  • Weapon Disarms
  • Military Knife Defense
  • Combatives GroundWork
  • Adult Learning Theory for Effective Physical Skills Training

This essential task training:

  • Is high intensity with safety protocols built-in to ensure a dynamic training environment with few to no injuries--our goal is to intensively train your operators, soldiers, and Marines, and have them good-to-go for work the day following the course.
  • Realistic for today's warrior--it is achievable for all troops.  Each training course is tailored for the skill level and misssion of the troops attending.

24-hour mentored training.  The last 24-hours serves as the "final examination" for the instructor-candidates.  It also provides "mentored training" of the instructor-candidates by CUTTING EDGE TRAINING staff in a practical training exercise of the "Effective Combatives Countermeasures" user course.  20-40 fresh troops are trained in the user's course by the new instructors while having CUTTING EDGE TRAINING staff trainers monitor and mentor the training.  These expert staff trainers act as a resource during the course to answer any questions the new instructors might have. 

  • This mentoring functionally reduces the per-person cost of this training significantly.  For the TRAIN-THE-TRAINER course tuition, your unit not only obtains certified unit trainers, but also provides a three-day user training for your personnel at no additional cost.

This course brings outstanding instructional skill in a simple format that is reality-based, tactically sound, effective, and easy to apply for every troop and operator in your unit.  This completely different process of bringing ordinary unit trainers into extraordinary competency is something you'd expect from CUTTING EDGE TRAINING.  We are the original, and, so far, the only trainers to bring you training that is:

  • Outcome-based:   Our training provides practicality based on sound fundamental precepts of tactics, physical skills, and human combat psychology when operating under extraordinarily dangerous circumstances--by employing "Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving"© featuring the "Universal Rules and Principles of Combatives,"© and "Applied OODA Theory."©   The only determination of whether the troop's or operator's method of surviving a vicious, up-close attack was "correct" is that the soldier, Marine, or operator was able to carry on his or her mission, and his/her force response was legally reasonable within the ROEs--just like in the real-world.
  • Gross-motor skills dependent:  We never forget that these lessons are applied in the real world of fear and hazard and consequence, where nothing ever goes as planned.  We are the only system that depends solely upon gross-motor skills in our combatives problem-solving efforts.  We employ zero complicated techniques to be forgotten a week later.  Instead, we provide simple to employ, effective skills that have a high likelihood of success in any combative circumstance.
  • Non-Technical:  "Techniques" are fine-motor skills that routinely fail in the real-world.  We teach no techniques because techniques only work against willing troops on the mat and small children.  Instead, we teach you to solve your combatives problems using naturally hard-wired solutions that are easy for every troop, regardless of level of ability.


The Highest Evolution of Instructor/TRAIN-THE-TRAINER Training!

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING provides the highest evolution of instructor training yet to be devised.  We can boldly say this because we have devoted years to the evolution of how we train the trainers of combatives skills, tactics, and force response.  We were perplexed that all instructor classes seem to be simply advanced user classes where the participant was expected to fully master the material, teach for five to fifteen minutes at the end of the seminar, and then receive an instructor certificate.  We have worked and changed and fine-tuned our TRAIN-THE-TRAINER process until we have what is now the finest method of teaching your trainers to be coaches and leaders in the classroom, mat room, and live-fire range.

These TRAIN-THE-TRAINER courses provide an entirely new way of approaching the creation of an unit instructor.  This involves:

  • Changing the “Trainer-as-the-Source-of-All-Knowledge” Paradigm.  Instructors are trained to adopt the philosophy that “another person cannot be taught to fight like me.”  Everyone has different abilities, strengths, aptitudes, etc.  No one is alike, and we all react to threat differently against different Threats.  Instructors become a resource in helping their troops problem-solve their combative solution.  Through this, the individual  learns what works and what doesn’t for him or her when solving the combative problems they face.
  • Training to Teach to a Legal Standard.  Very few courses teach the basis of a soldier's, Marine's, or operator's authority to employ force against an enemy.  Each CUTTING EDGE TRAINING course is predicated upon the foundation of teaching participants “when” to respond with force as well as “how to justify and articulate their force response.”  Every TRAIN-THE-TRAINER seminar not only contains a block of instruction dedicated to the subject of the lawful response to attack and assault, but instructor-candidates are required to integrate the “objective reasonableness” standard of the ROEs into their teaching curricula throughout the week.
  • Training How to Teach the Layering of Skills, Tactics, and Concepts.  The fundamental basis of what we are attempting to accomplish in this training iteration is first addressed in the classroom.  With an intellectual understanding of the task at hand, including “when it is permissible to respond with force,” the class then moves to the mat or range.  Each new physical skill builds upon the problem-solving successes of the prior exercises and drills, building confidence and competence in the learners.  Upon successful completion of the training task, the troops you train will have properly repeated the fundamentals of the force option possibly hundreds of times, creating a core competency that will translate to effective force responses in the field.  Each topic creates the foundation for the next (e.g., learning Combatives creates the foundation for GroundCombatives, which in turns prepares them for Weapon Retention, and so on.).  Soon, all combatives situations are just problems-to-be-solved through the application of universal problem-solving methods.
  • Training How to Teach Problem-Solving for Combatives.   Physically controlling or defending against another person at any level of conflict without that person’s cooperation has never—and never will be—about applying “techniques.”  Instead, instructor-candidates are trained to teach their troops how to problem-solve effectively in combative situations through “Integrated Combative Problem-Solving”© employing the “Universal Rules and Principles of Combatives.”©  The “layering concept” permits participants to work out how they will solve each layer of the task as effectively as possible for that particular troop's attributes.
  • Training How to Teach “Applied OODA Theory.”  Many have heard of Col. Boyd’s theory of combat decision-making.  Few actually understand it, however, to be more than a simple explanation of reaction-response, or "Move faster, faster, faster."  We not only train your instructors to teach that this theory is about getting inside the individual enemy's decision-making cycles, but about controlling the relative perception of time of the fight.  Beyond theory, CUTTING EDGE TRAINING is alone in the world in training how to apply OODA Theory through classroom instruction, drills, and layered exercises.

Our TRAIN-THE-TRAINER courses are the premier "instructor-certification" program for your unit trainers to learn how to train your troops in the reasonable and effective force response.


Recertification Program for Instructors

There are NO recertification requirements by CUTTING EDGE TRAINING for instructors.  "Recertification" is and should be a voluntary training activity by the unit and instructor.  While it is prudent to seek to deepen their understanding of the course material offered and get updated information, we believe this is solely a decision made by the instructors and their Chain of Command.


* "Human Weapon System" is a copyrighted term by the Direct Action Medical Network (DAMN).  All targeting and methodology in this course has been screened by DAMN physicians for medical validity and accuracy.

Attention:  In accordance with I.T.A.R. restrictions, only U.S. citizens will be permitted to attend training courses or purchase DVDs or equipment from Cutting Edge Training, LLC.