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Agency Force Integration Mentoring and Consulting

Agency Force Integration Mentoring and Consulting

"Force skills and tactics integration" is an increasingly popular topic among police theorists and speakers.  However, they don't tell you how to accomplish this desirable--and, literally, essential--task. 

We do.  We teach it, and have for thirty years.  We will bring our expertise in training the trainers of law enforcement in the integrated approach to all force skills, tactics, and decision-making and assist your training staff in creating a rational, cost-effective, and defensible force training program for your agency.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING is known throughout the national police community as having the highest training standards and the most innovative, comprehensive, and functional training programs in the business.  Each of our training programs are the "cutting edge of training" because we bring a 100% integrated approach to the training process that consistently functionalizes the combatives and survival skills of your officers.  We provide the ability to dramatically increase your agency instructors' expertise--regardless of the topic. 

Each consultation is customized to create a maximized learning opportunity to learn from the best in the business.  We are able to create a training environment where your instructors are free to ask questions and build their expertise in any of the learning domains your officers need:

  • The application of force laws and reasonable decision-making.
  • The articulation of force response decision-making.
  • Defensive Tactics through Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving.
  • Handgun, rifle, shotgun employment and range training through integrated Effective Combatives Problem-Solving.
  • Force-on-Force and Reality-Based Training.
  • Less-lethal employment through integrated Effective Combatives Problem-Solving.
  • Applied Officer Safety and Field Tactics Principles.
  • Immediate response to the active shooter.
  • All areas of police interaction with the public and suspects.

We are able to provide references nationwide of agencies for which we have provided this service.  Take the next step in demonstrating your commitment to the most professional policing practices and skill development your can within your agency--engage our mentoring consulting services and let us make a difference in your agency's training today. 

Prepare to be amazed at how good your agency's training staff can be!