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Handgun Combatives

Handgun Combatives


Focus:  All sworn or commissioned officers, or military personnel.

Length:  8 or 16-hours

When a suspect forces it, we teach you to prevail in a shooting, and to survive a gunfight! 

“If you do it on the street, you need to first do it on the range”© is not just a slogan—it is how we train.  When developing a training course for armed professionals who willingly go into harm’s way, it is incumbent upon a course designer to determine how these individuals are actually called upon to employ their skills on the street.  If a high percentage of officers are actually murdered within touching distance, and if officers respond with deadly force at these close distances, and if officers actually put hands on subjects prior to or during a shooting, and if officers move around each other with weapons in-hand, and if officers actually fire their weapons when the gun-target line is clear even though officers are forward of their muzzles, then their training should reflect these conditions.  We train officers to safely employ their weapons AND practice these real-world skills in the live-fire environment. 

These live-fire combatives seminars are about solving your real-world tactical shooting needs when the metal meets the meat and you cannot afford to be second best.  Your world is not a competition where shooting and throwing a round or two means you don't bring home a trophy.  Instead, you live and work in the most real world there is:  where hitting another person with bullets means you get to go home today.  It is about REAL-WORLD tactics that have been proven over decades and throughout history to keep you alive during those violent, sudden, vicious, and short-lived police firefights.

Our “Handgun Combatives” seminars provide advanced, comprehensive training for handgun employment at a level appropriate for any officer (patrol, SWAT, Narcotics, etc.) or instructor.  This is an "evidence-based system," combat proven, that is measureable, observeable, and repeatable.  It has continued to revolutionize and evolve over the last 30 years.  These courses cover the laws and articulation of deadly force per the Constitution and your state law--knowing exactly when you can fire gives you enormous freedom of action.  Included in the classroom portion is fire discipline theory, movement and fire, the proper use of barricades, and Live Fire Combatives.  Each seminar is a fast paced, content-packed eight-hours of enough classroom time to understand the concepts, and more than enough shooting and hitting to incorporate the lessons into your "toolbox."  These programs help remedy the phenomenon known as “Spray and Pray.”  These are a “must attend” program for any officer preparing to utilize justifiable force combined with absolutely proven methods of fire and safety.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING's Handgun Combatives program was developed with integrated fighting concepts in mind, and have shown over the years their effectiveness in keeping officers alive in the worst situations possible.  It remains the only program of its kind that was “reverse-engineered” to achieve survival goals.  We studied how police officers are actually murdered and assaulted in the real-world.  Then we put that knowledge together with how the human being inside the uniform actually reacts in that pressure-filled life and death environment, and created a training system that has literally changed the law enforcement community’s understanding of how to put bullets on-target in-time in order to survive.  There are no "game philosophies" designed to speed up the shooter's firing rate at the expense of life-saving tactics and hit accuracy.  The emphasis is solely on your gunfight:  recognizing the Threat early enough to make a difference, reacting tactically to avoid being hit while hitting a suspect with combat accuracy, significantly affecting his or her ability to remain an imminent threat.  Finally, this course also emphasizes your very real need to defend your actions in the inevitable post-shooting aftermath.

Developed from the street "in," NOT from the live-fire range "out."

This is contextually-correct training at its highest--without shooting games and wishful thinking.  This is about hitting people with bullets who need to be hit RIGHT NOW, while avoiding being shot yourself.  If you do it on the street, then it must be practiced in training.  If it is too dangerous to do in training, then you shouldn't do it on the street.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the live-fire range training for your benefit. 

As one of our seminar participants noted in his evaluation:  "This ain't your dad's handgun class!"  We know.  We designed it to meet the threats YOU face today--up close, aggressive-like-never-before threats that only the best training of its kind can assist you in addressing.  There's no dogma and “which stance must be used” arguments.  Instead, we concentrate on realistic methods that every officer can use.  This is the future of police handgun training.  Your officers can experience it today.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING currently offers two Handgun Combatives courses:

Handgun Combatives ONE

This unique handgun training seminar provides every officer in every assignment the ability to put hits "on-target, on-time" in a combat environment.  We concentrate on real-life gunfights--up close, very personal, violent, short-lived, life-and-death conflicts.  All live-fire is predicated upon moving and hitting the suspect, not simply shooting.  We teach you, probably for the first time, how NOT to shoot your partner in a dynamic situation where there are multiple officers on-scene.  Live-fire exercises where you and your partners engage in physical combatives, safely performed, effectively and realistically prepares you to engage a deadly threat at contact ranges--this is the beginning of truly learning to fight with your handgun...all based upon CUTTING EDGE TRAINING's "Effective Combatives Problem-Solving"© concepts.  And finally, how to articulate your deadly force response should the worst happen and you are forced to injure or kill an offender.  This comprehensive course will change the way you fight with a handgun.  Pre-requisite to Tactical Handgun Combatives TWO.

Course Content:

  • Comprehensive Safety Briefing
  • Prevailing in a Shooting
  • Movement and Hitting
  • Beginning Real-World Live-Fire Close Combatives


Handgun Combatives TWO

Pre-requisite:  Handgun Combatives ONE

This course takes up where the "Tactical Handgun Combatives ONE" seminar leaves off.  Advanced training in movement and hitting theory and employment increases your ability to put hits "on-target, on-time" in a real-world combat environment while presenting a more difficult target to the Imminent Threat.  Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving© is more thoroughly explored in this course where we look at actual circumstances where officers have been injured and murdered in the past, and train to meet those challenges.  Different and tougher defense problems are presented.  Unusual shooting positions, from which officers have found themselves fighting for their lives, are introduced.  Also, the realistic use of cover and concealment is exercised and trained--always with the emphasis of why concealment is sought and maximizing any potential cover.  This seminar provides more of the best and most realistic firearms training available.

Course Content:

  • Comprehensive Safety Briefing
  • Advanced Firearms Employment Theory
  • Advanced Movement and Hitting
  • Advanced Real-World Live-Fire Close Combatives
  • Unusual Shooting Positions
  • Survival Use of the Barricade

Military applicability:  This course benefits military personnel as well--the experiences of police officers in up-close-and-very-personal shootings are being experienced by our soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen in this Global War on Terror.  While this course focuses on "police gunfights," the concepts and training are applicable to anyone who carries a firearm into a battle where any range of conflict is possible.


Some comments from our participants:

"The 2-day tactical handgun training conducted by George Williams of Cutting Edge Training (Tactical Handgun I & II) was exceptional. The key word is "edge"…from an officer's safety standpoint, it should be mandatory for all patrol officers. It's an extremely mental and physical course that introduces you to the reality of what an officer could face any given day. This course teaches you to react versus stand there and get shot. It teaches you to keep moving and fighting and still put rounds on the target, even while wrestling with a 250-pound man who is also reaching for his gun. You get the sensation of opening your eyes and finding a real (unloaded) gun pointed at your forehead and having to react to survive. You get the sensation of a muzzle blast of your partner's weapon as fires within inches of you.

It makes me gasp when I compare the training I just received to the training the majority of officers receive…after receiving this type of training I can only think that everyone should have it, regardless of the cost or whether or not they want it. It's officer survival, plain and simple.

I had a 20-year military career where I was always around weapons prior to my law enforcement career, and I've even taken a course with (name withheld) at the (location withheld), but nothing compared to what you put us through those 2 days and I would recommend it to any officer on the street that wants learn how to survive. This is the closest I've ever come to a gunfight but now I feel my chances of survival are much greater after attending this course. Thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to passing on as much as I can to other officers."

--Res. Dep. Larry Lesley, Clark County, Washington, Sheriff's Office


"Just a note to say thanks.  I am into my 18th hour of my shift today due to an abduction and armed robbery event.  We tracked the suspects from Seattle to Edmonds and engaged them in a low-rent motel.  As we moved into the cramped, dark, motel room, I had a Glock in my hand and found myself immediately in a physical struggle with one suspect (6-00/235).  I was able to dump him on his face, but as he hit the floor I was tangled in his feet and I, too, fell over backwards.  I heard myself yell "Index!" and saw my finger pull away from the slide - exactly like the drills we practiced at Handgun Combatives I & II.

That is a very, very good drill.  Thanks for making it a part of your class, I am positive it helped me stay safe even if I was not able to stay on my feet!!"

--C. T. McNulty, Seattle, WA, Police Department